Is Icelandic Glacial water really from Iceland?

Yes! Our water comes from the Ölfus Spring on the southwest coast of Iceland. At Icelandic Glacial, we believe in sharing our premium water with the world and doing so with environmentally sound practices. Icelandic Glacial water is exceptional in terms of quality, taste and purity.  Click here to find out more about our source, the Ölfus Spring.

Is the water derived from actual glaciers?

No.  The name “Icelandic Glacial” is inspired by the majestic glaciers of Iceland and is meant to capture the essence of our beautiful country.  Icelandic Glacial water is sourced from a natural underground spring called the Ölfus Spring.  Iceland’s abundant rainfall and snowmelt is naturally filtered through ancient lava rock and bottled directly at the Ölfus Spring.

Where can I buy Icelandic Glacial water?

Icelandic Glacial can be found at a wide variety of retailers nationwide.  Please use our convenient store locator to find a location nearest you. You can also get Icelandic Glacial water delivery to your door anywhere in the United States by ordering online.

Is Icelandic Glacial alkaline water? What is the pH level?

Icelandic Glacial has an uncommonly high, naturally occurring pH level of 8.4, making it alkaline. Unlike many bottled waters on the market, Icelandic Glacial is naturally alkaline, meaning the water’s pH level is from nature, in our case, it’s from being filtered through lava rock. Other alkaline waters use additives such as sodium bicarbonate or calcium chloride to increase the pH level artificially.

What is the TDS level of Icelandic Glacial?

Icelandic Glacial has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of 62ppm. This is in the “mineral sweetspot” where you are still getting the beneficial minerals and nutrients that naturally occur in spring water, but without affecting the pure taste which can happen with waters with high mineral content.

What minerals or additives are in Icelandic Glacial?

There is absolutely nothing added to Icelandic Glacial, just the natural occurring minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium are present. Harmful chemicals such as fluoride are not present nor added to the water. A full water quality report is available here.


Is Icelandic Glacial purified water? Is it filtered or treated in any way?

No. Icelandic Glacial is untouched water from a natural spring, with nothing added or taken away. Because of our natural filtration of lava rock and Iceland’s pristine eco-system, Icelandic Glacial is safe to drink out of the spring. The water is bottled underground, and the first time it touches the air is when you open the cap. 

Purified water is municipal water or local tap water that has been treated to remove any impurities, a process that also strips the water of any and all mineral content and affects the pH level. Icelandic Glacial’s source, the Ölfus Spring, naturally provides water with a pH level of 8.4, plus minerals which are essential to our body’s functions.

What kind of water is in your product line?

Icelandic Glacial offers Natural Spring Water in Still, Sparkling and Sparkling Flavors. 

What type of packaging do you offer?

We offer our Still, Sparkling and Sparkling Flavors in BPA-free rPET, and our Still and Sparkling are available both in BPA-free rPET and glass bottles. All of our bottles and packaging is 100% recyclable. Icelandic Glacial will also be adding aluminum and a 5L bulk option in 2021 and will use 50% post consumer recycled plastic. 

Why should I buy Icelandic Glacial when I have tap water at home?

Not all water is the same.  Depending upon the source, water contains different levels of minerals, dissolved solids and acidity, which directly affect its taste and benefits.  Tap water varies significantly with the potential of environmental contaminants making their way into the water supply.  To combat such contaminants, chlorine is often added which can affect taste.

Icelandic Glacial comes from a natural spring source that is powerfully filtered through volcanic rock that produces a water of exceptional purity with a crisp, clean finish.  The natural filters also provide a naturally occurring alkalinity of pH 8.4.  Icelandic Glacial water is tested daily in a state of the art laboratory, and it exceeds all of the most stringent international testing criteria.

Of course in our busy lives, a bottle of Icelandic Glacial provides convenience and portability so you can always have a healthy beverage at your side.