Icelandic Glacial Takes to the Skies

Icelandic Glacial, the world’s leading CarbonNeutral® certified bottled water, announced today that it has signed an exclusive 2 year deal with Iceland’s national airline, Icelandair.

With immediate effect, Icelandair will carry Icelandic Glacial natural spring water on all flights spanning 14 countries and 24 cities, delivering a water of exceptional Icelandic purity and environmental responsibility to all passengers.

“We are delighted to be recognized as the official water of our nations’ airline,” commented Jon Olafsson, chairman and founder, Icelandic Glacial. “We want visitors to experience the very best our country has to offer, even before they arrive in Iceland. With Icelandic Glacial now on all Icelandair flights, passengers can taste the purity of our nation as they travel in comfort with one of our country’s greatest ambassadors.”

Icelandic Glacial has been internationally applauded for its taste, purity and unique bottle design, as well as its ongoing commitment to the environment. In September of last year, Icelandic Glacial opened a new state-of-the-art, naturally powered production facility in order to keep up with growing consumer demand for its premium and environmentally sound bottled water.

“Icelandic Glacial is a wonderful fit for Icelandair,” said Birkir Hólm Guðnason, Icelandair CEO. “Having an in-flight premium water that mirrors the true essence of Iceland, while setting an environmental example appeals greatly to our airline and passengers, fitting in with our own responsible initiatives, such as Kolviður - Iceland Carbon Fund.”

Travellers looking to do their bit for the environment will be delighted that they can now fly with an airline that not only enables flight emissions to be offset but also delivers a premium bottled water with a ‘net zero’ carbon footprint.

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