Icelandic Glacial Makes a Big Splash in Hollywood

The award winning, carbon neutral water brand, Icelandic Glacial is making a big splash in Hollywood -- quenching the thirst of both A-list stars and movie goers, as it explodes onto the screen in more than 10 feature films and 7 hit television shows this year.

Recent box office hits including 27 Dresses featuring Katherine Heigl and this weekends comical smash hit What Happens in Vegas starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher have all featured the iconic Icelandic water brand, which is best known for its exceptional purity and industry leading environmental credentials.

“We receive fantastic feedback from all types of people, whether it’s actors and producers on set or our valued consumers,” comments Kristjan Olafsson, Icelandic Glacial co-founder and vice president. “Our water checks all of the boxes, from its exceptional purity to its cool bottle and leading environmental credentials – people simply feel good when they drink Icelandic Glacial.”

With its U.S. operations based in Los Angeles, the rapidly growing super-premium bottled water brand is well versed with the glitz and glamour of television and film. Icelandic Glacial chairman and co-founder, Jon Olafsson made a global name for himself in the entertainment and media industry before stepping into the world of bottled water with his son Kristjan in 2004.

As Icelandic Glacial continues its national rollout this year, consumers across the country will have access to one of the purest waters on the planet as seen in the movies and on hit television shows such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs and Desperate Housewives.

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