Icelandic Glacial makes a splash at Cannes Film Festival 2005

A new star is born amidst the glitz and glamour of Cannes.

This year’s film festival sees the official launch of an exceptionally pure new mineral water, from Iceland - with a wave of publicity to ensure that “Icelandic Glacial” is the word on everybody’s lips. The water will be served at a large number of prestigious events and will be highly visible throughout the festival both on La Croisette and at a series of Premiere celebrations to be held in the celebrated villas that rest in the hills above Cannes.

Icelandic Glacial’s status as the premium brand of choice will be further enhanced by it’s ubiquitous presence at the hottest events in Town, including the Star Wars - episode III party, Ivana Trump’s 3rd annual party & Paris Hilton’s soiree at Baoli.

Icelandic Glacial will also be supplied to a veritable “who’s - who” of renowned bars and restaurants on the Rivera, including Baoli, Hareem, Farfalla, Tantra, Stratege, Plage Vega Luna and Loft to name just a few.

In addition to the above, Icelandic Glacial water is also sponsoring key parties & symposiums for industry stalwart organizations such as Rendez-vous des exploitants (MIF) – Private club of Cinema Owners & Club des Compositeurs de Musique de Film – Private club of Music composors.

Jon Olafsson, Chairman of Icelandic Water Holdings ehf said: “We are justly proud of our close association with the Cannes Film festival. The overwhelming reaction to Icelandic Glacial is a fitting tribute to the team that made it happen.

The Cannes launch is only the first phase in our continuing alliance with world class entertainment companies & events, ensuring that Icelandic Glacial is both the word and the water on everybody’s lips.

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