Taking a Piece of Iceland Global

Taking a Piece of Iceland Global

I’ve often been asked what goal I am trying to achieve with Icelandic Glacial and what success looks like. To me, it’s quite simple. One day, I would like to be able to walk into any grocery store anywhere in the world and find Icelandic Glacial, and I believe we are well on our way.

When my son, Kristjan, and I began this unexpected journey twelve years ago, we saw an opportunity. While there were many water brands already on the shelves, we knew that we had something different and very special. Despite the fact that we believed Icelandic Glacial water to be more pure than any other in the world and our rare environmentally friendly operation, we had no idea how difficult it would be to introduce our pristine water to the world. I’ve run several successful businesses in numerous industries, but the premium water category truly is a beast all of its own. It has been a challenge competing with brands who are established and have millions to spend, but a challenge we have welcomed with open arms.

We first introduced our natural spring water to the US because that is where we saw the majority of premium water consumption. In Hollywood, carrying a premium water in-hand became somewhat of a fashion statement among celebrities, and that trend quickly spread across the country. Once we got started in building a name for ourselves, we next entered the UK and Canada, and over the years, we’ve continued to form new partnerships that have led us to where we are today.

Today, you can find Icelandic Glacial in over 27 countries worldwide. From Iceland to Mexico, Colombia, the United States and Canada to China, Australia and South Africa, we are establishing our global presence and we will continue to keep the momentum going.

It is an exhilarating experience to share a precious piece of your home with the world. Iceland is a country like no other, where environmental conservation is ingrained in its people. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to responsibly sharing our water with you and will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure our operation remains environmentally friendly.

For a list of our global distributors, please visit our global distribution page.

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- Jon Olafsson, Chairman and Co-Founder

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