Spring into Beauty with Lavenda Memory

Spring into Beauty with Lavenda Memory

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Water plays an incredible role in our daily lives. A major contributor towards beautiful skin, healthy muscles and fierce brain power makes the source of our water of highest priority and concern. Years ago I considered installing water purifiers throughout my home to alter the pH balance of our tap water. After a lot of research I realized this was not financially possible at the time, so we opted for a basic filter that just went over our kitchen tap. Years later we invested in a water cooler that offers us fresh drinking for our daily consumption; so you can imagine how serious I am about my water source.

This year I discovered a hidden gem of the water world- Icelandic Glacial. Icelandic Glacial can be found at many grocery stores so chances are you’ve already seen it on the shelves. If you can’t remember quite at first- you may recognize it from its distinct mountaintop bottle design. What makes this water so unique and quite the rockstar amongst its competitors is its exclusive source: the Ölfus Spring.

The legendary Ölfus Spring was forged during a massive volcanic eruption over 5,000 years ago, which continues to replenish itself through natural rainfall. This pure spring water flows directly into the Icelandic Glacial bottling plant located right at the source, in Hlidarendi, Iceland at the edge of the spring. All of this wonderful, untouched water is then carefully bottled up to offer us what we know of as Icelandic Glacial water.

For those concerned about drinking from water bottles (raising my hand here) you can rest easier knowing that Icelandic Glacial has made a commitment to assess their CO2 emissions, with a promise to continually reduce them wherever possible. Their company prides themselves on their environmental efforts and have such won the 2007 Bottled Water World Design Awards for Best Sustainability Initiative. In fact, they were the world’s first bottled water certified as CarbonNeutral® for both product and operation.

 Trusting the company to do their part, I am only left with the responsibility to enjoy the fresh taste and pure benefits of a uniquely pure water source. This offers a lot of relief when I’m traveling and need to pack a water bottle (there’s not always enough time to fill aluminum bottles) to take with me on the go.

Staying hydrated leads to a healthier immune system which will aid in combatting colds and preventing certain illnesses. Taking in your 8 glasses a day will also help rejuvenate your skin cells, offering a healthy, hydrated glow. This is helpful for me as a blogger, when I’m often being photographed or filmed. A filter can only do so much, you know.

Overall, I am quite impressed with not only the distinct water source that remains untouched and still so pure, but also the careful consideration Icelandic Glacial takes in producing such a quality product. I can rest easy on my busiest days when I reach for a bottle of Icelandic Glacial, knowing the full impact and story behind the water I carry with me.


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