Clean Beauty Guru Indie Lee’s Journey to Wellness: From Skin Health to Hydration

Clean Beauty Guru Indie Lee’s Journey to Wellness: From Skin Health to Hydration

My path to clean living began when I decided to take time away to live a simpler life in the country with my kids, after working in corporate America for years. As a type “A” personality, “simpler,” I realized, is simply not in my DNA. With my newfound time and energy, I quickly built a 750 sq. ft. greenhouse and jumped into the farm-to-table movement, helping local businesses with starter plants and schools with gardens.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and could not work in the greenhouse any longer. Suddenly, I had loads of Calendula and Lavender, and nothing to do with them. I decided to make products for my sister’s baby shower to ensure only the best and healthiest skincare for my little nephew. Needless to say, I ended up making products for not just my sister and nephew, but for all of her guests. The products were a hit – but at that point, it was just for fun. 

Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that doctors believed could be environmentally derived. I was shocked to learn that the cause of my tumor was potentially from what I was putting into and onto my body. Who would have thought that my love of lotions and potions may have given me only 6 months or so to live? But I wasn’t going to give up; I underwent a successful surgery on Earth Day 2009, and woke up with a new lease on life.

At the time of my diagnosis, there weren’t many green skincare brands on the market, outside of the typical, uninspiring products sold at natural food stores. I started researching clean, safe, toxin-free ingredients that were as efficacious as the ingredients found in conventional beauty products. I understood then that I was destined to create change through products that people could love and trust, and Indie Lee, the eponymous skincare line, was born directly from my greenhouse.   

I also took the time to learn more about what I was eating and drinking. When I discovered Icelandic Glacial, I instantly felt a connection to the brand. The water itself is super pure and has a naturally high alkaline pH of 8.4. I also love that their operation is sustainable, maintains a net-zero carbon footprint and makes BPA-free and PET safe packaging. Not only does it keep me hydrated throughout the day, I know I’m contributing to a more sustainable planet by supporting a company with eco-friendly values and practices. Icelandic Glacial is a product I love sharing with others in their quest to live a better, healthier life. What you put into your body is of prime importance, and when I drink Icelandic Glacial, I can be rest assured that I’m helping my body stay hydrated and balanced with each sip.

After conquering a life threatening brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit, lndie Lee awoke on April 22, 2009 with the passion to create a chic and eco-friendly namesake collection.

At Indie Lee, we aim to give everyone the information to make healthier choices, as it relates to their beauty regimens and overall lifestyles. Best of all, you never have to sacrifice efficacy or style. 

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