“Volcano-Powered” Partnership with Secret Solstice Festival Announced by Icelandic Glacial Water

June 3, 2014 Reykjavík, Iceland – What happens when you combine the planet’s finest bottled water with a music festival that is literally powered by the magma of a volcano? In short, you get something the world has never seen before. Icelandic Glacial™, the super-premium natural spring water from Iceland, proudly announces a five-year partnership with Reykjavík’s Secret Solstice Festival -- dubbed the ‘Midnight Sun’ music festival, due to the fact the sun actually will not fully set for over 72-hours when the event is held this June. Astrological events aside, it was Secret Solstice’s impact on the environment that drew Icelandic Glacial Water to form a partnership with the startup festival. It may sound like fantasy, but Secret Solstice is the first music festival on the planet that is boasting it will run almost solely on geothermal power, sourced from the fires of several of Iceland’s active volcanoes. Without focusing on the uniqueness of this method of generating energy, it’s the fact that it’s a completely renewable source of producing electricity that makes the project so unique. “As the world’s first certified carbon neutral bottled water for both product and operation, Icelandic Glacial – like the Secret Solstice Festival - is committed to being a good environmental steward.” commented David Casey, Sr. Director of Marketing for Icelandic Glacial. “We are delighted to share our super-premium natural spring water from Iceland with the guests and performers at Secret Solstice.” Fridrik Olafsson, the owner and founder of Secret Solstice echoed these sentiments at the signing of the partnership. “It’s a privilege to have such a pristine brand with an immense global reach supporting us in our first year. It’s not often partnerships match as well as Secret Solstice and Icelandic Glacial Water do, so for this reason we’re thankful to have a brand that is as committed to environmental action as we are. Especially when it means helping to preserve the impressive natural beauty of Iceland.” Secret Solstice will run from the 20th-22nd of June, supported by Icelandic Glacial Water. Tickets and more information can be found at http://secretsolstice.is/, including details on travel from the United States and Europe. People are also being directed to updates surrounding the event by being a part of Icelandic Glacial Water’s social media community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.