May 27, 2014 – Icelandic Glacial™, the super-premium natural spring water from Iceland, announced today the winner of the “Pursue Your Passion” fitness contest. The contest encouraged Americans to pursue their passion for fitness the “Icelandic Way”. Icelanders live their lives without compromise and are passionate about the pursuit of their goals. This is evident by the disproportionate number of world-class athletes that hail from this tiny island country. Icelandic Glacial celebrated that determination with a contest that allowed consumers to experience this first-hand. Contestants throughout the nation submitted a photo with a description or video describing their dedication to strength/fitness, and what they could gain from training in Iceland with CrossFit expert Frederik Aegidius. John DeHaemers from Kansas City, Missouri won the “Pursue Your Passion” contest via a Facebook voting campaign where Icelandic Glacial’s followers were encouraged to vote for the finalist who best demonstrated the “Icelandic Way” of strength and fitness. He received 18,764 votes. John’s submission to the contest read, “My dedication to fitness began on the fields of Vietnam and a father’s exposure to Agent Orange; I am one of many sons born with a birth defect due to his dad’s service to his country. I was born without a collarbone and other anatomical defects that has always made fitness challenging. Despite such challenges, I dedicate myself each and every day to being the most fit and healthy role model possible for others who have more serious challenges in their lives. This trip can be motivational to others mentally hampered by their own struggles. Fitness can happen for all.” “We are very happy about the outcome of our first national campaign. There is a lot of curiosity surrounding Iceland and we were encouraged to see that many people can relate to the ‘Icelandic Way’ of living life,” commented Jon Olafsson, Chairman and Co-founder, Icelandic Glacial. “John DeHaemers is a great example of how to pursue a passion the way Icelanders do, and we anticipate his visit to our country and the opportunity to train with Frederik will be an unforgettable experience.” The winner will get to travel to Iceland which will include a tour and the chance to participate in training sessions with Cross Fit games competitor, Frederik Aegidius who represents Iceland. “It’s not only exciting to work with an expert in an area I am very passionate about, but also to have this experience in the beautiful country of Iceland. I’m thrilled to be able to learn the Icelandic way of life and train with one of the world’s most accomplished CrossFit athletes,” commented John DeHaemers, winner of the “Pursue Your Passion” fitness contest.