An Icelandic Glacial Inspired Adventure

Gina holding a bottle of Icelandic on top of Solheimajokull

One of the few times that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting of our consumers was per the request of Gina and Shawn Foster – a couple who have been long time fans of our water.

The trip to Iceland was inspired by Gina’s wish to have her picture taken holding a bottle of Icelandic while standing on top of a glacier.  Gina kindly contacted us via our Facebook page and stated that the two would be paying a visit to Iceland solely inspired by our product. It thrilled us we were able to inspire the Fosters' Iceland adventure and we wanted to give them a first class experience.

The week of February 11, the Fosters began their week-long journey in Iceland. We couldn’t let Gina’s wish go un-granted. The Foster’s were given a tour of the Icelandic Glaical facility in Hlidarendi to see what happens behind the scenes of their favorite water. Gina’s longtime wish was finally granted as she held a bottle of Icelandic proudly on top of Solheimajokull.

As much as we love water from Iceland, we love making our consumers happy even more. We’re so grateful we could help make the Fosters' trip to Iceland special and unforgettable.