Icelandic Glacial™ is the super-premium natural spring water from the “Land Of Fire and Ice”.
Home to glaciers, spouting geysers, volcanoes and raging rivers, Iceland is one of the world’s cleanest ecosystems. It’s also home to the legendary Ölfus Spring, the source of Icelandic Glacial.  Formed more than 5,000 years ago and shielded by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock, the Spring is constantly replenished by rain, snow and ice-melt from the nearby mountains.  The water is slowly and naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock, thereby producing a natural spring water so pure that nothing is added or taken away.

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January 12, 2016

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Cyndi Lauper's Damn Gala: - Los Angeles, CA: October 9, 2016

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    Icelandic Glacial™ and Teforia Partner for the Perfect Cup of Tea

    December 07, 2016

     Premium Water Brand forms Strategic Partnership with New Tea Infusion Device LOS ANGELES, CA (December 7, 2016) – Icelandic Glacial™ announced today a new partnership with the first-of-its kind intelligent tea infuser, Teforia. The premium water brand will be the preferred water partner for the device, which intuitively considers the time, temperature, and amount of water needed to perfectly brew tea. Seeking to create a fully immersive experience for tea drinkers, Teforia employed a third party to test a number of bottled water brands in order to find the best available for brewing outstanding tea. Though not often thought of, the quality of water used can greatly impact the flavor of tea. Ultimately, Icelandic Glacial was recommended due to the... Continue Reading →

    In Loving Memory of Johnny Walker

    October 28, 2016

    In loving memory of our good friend and partner, Johnny Walker, the Managing Director of Pacific Beverages Pte.Ltd, our long standing distributor in Singapore. His large presence and even larger personality – exemplified by his annual creation of a remarkable range of experimental fishing flies – will leave a hole which will never be filled. Continue Reading →

    Chairman and Co-Founder, Jon Olafsson, Speaks with

    September 09, 2016

    MYBIZ.RU is a magazine for entrepreneurs on Russian iTunes   How to press with Coca-Cola market, Pepsi and Nestle? Jon Olafsson - perhaps the most brilliant serial entrepreneur "old school" of Iceland. He began to do business at the age of 14 years, having plunged in the music industry, two years later became a producer of musical groups. In 1975 he opened a record store in Reykjavik Skifan and soon founded the company of the same name record (almost repeating the story of Richard Branson, with whom he is often compared). Over time Skifan become the largest distributor of music in the local market with a share of 85%. This meteoric rise even more impressive when you consider how low... Continue Reading →